Reading on the Trail

I've heard lots of talk in forums asking questions like, "Should I bring a Kindle on my hike?" and "Will I have time to read?" While the hikertrash lifestyle is much more laid back than the day-to-day world, you won't exactly have hours of leisure … [Read more]

Fun Jobs for Thru-Hikers

It would be awesome if we could just endlessly hike trail after trail and never worry about money, but someday you're going to reach Katahdin and it will be time to get a job and save for the next adventure. Work doesn't have to be boring … [Read more]

The Pee Rag

I've heard a lot about pee rags from other hiker girls, but I have always thought the concept was kind of gross. I've been putting off trying it until recently, and now I think I will always use one in the future. Pee rags are pretty simple: just … [Read more]

Cell Phones 101

I'm a bit of a social media addict, so I was constantly taking photos and uploading them to Facebook during my thru-hike. Also, my mom liked to regularly receive reassuring text messages from me letting her know I was still alive. While it's … [Read more]