Budgeting for Trekking Nepal

Trekking internationally may sound like an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you get past the initial cost of the plane ticket, Nepal is a fairly cheap place to spend time. I spent 14 weeks total in Nepal, trekking for all but 3 of … [Read more]

Hennessy Hammock Review

This past spring, I ordered a Hennessy Hammock Hyperlite Asym Zip. My job as a ridge runner in Connecticut and Massachusetts has me camping on the trail more nights that not. I previously used an ENO hammock, but I wanted to upgrade to a better … [Read more]

Backpacking with Kids

A few weeks ago, my nephews and mom came to join me on the trail for a week of hiking. My mom already had a hundred or so miles of hiking experience, but this was the first time for the boys (ages 8 and 12). There were times where I could have never … [Read more]

Leave No Trace is Cool

Leave No Trace is a huge part of life in the backcountry. Following Leave No Trace (or LNT) principles is how we ensure that the wilderness stays wild, not only so the next hikers can enjoy it, but so we don't negatively impact the flora and fauna of … [Read more]

How to Prevent Hypothermia

This past week I was hiking in Connecticut, and it rained for three days straight. It wasn't even heavy rain; it was the sort of light rain that keeps everything damp and doesn't let the sun come out. On top of that, the temperatures were dropping … [Read more]

What is a Ridge Runner?

I just finished my ridge runner training week in Connecticut, and I will be spending the summer working along the Appalachian Trail. I'm excited for the opportunity to give back to the trail. The most asked question we get is... What is a ridge … [Read more]