The 16 Best Walking Shoes For Bad Knees

Our lifestyles these days are not designed to make our bodies last long, it seems. From sedentary lifestyles to sitting or standing at work for extended periods of time to poor diets and lack of exercise.

The result of these behaviors, such as standing all day, could lead to devastating effects on the body, not to mention other risk factors or injuries incurred in daily life. Some of these results include development of “bad knees” and osteoarthritis or OA.

Amongst an array of treatments such as physical therapies, medical interventions like drugs or surgery, doing simple exercise like walking and wearing the correct shoes for support will help you minimize the pain felt in your knees and joint pain as a result of OA and standing all day. 

In this article, we are going to cover what standing all day does to the body, information on “bad knees” and OA and how walking and the wearing of correct walking shoes help alleviate these effects.

Below is a list of the best walking shoes to help relieve some pain and discomfort associated with the conditions described by the end of this article. Hopefully, this selection will help you decide on a shoe that is suitable for addressing your pains.


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Vionic’s trusted, structured and supportive walking shoes do not disappoint.

Their podiatrist designed shoes are great for any activity and have a flexible forefoot which is balanced by a firm and supportive rear foot and heel counter, making this shoe an excellent choice for any person. 

The shoe is also constructed with an EVA midsole (it is made from ethylene vinyl acetate which is a foam-like material which is lightweight, flexible and cushions the foot in such a way as to disperse weight evenly and increase stability) meaning that their shoes give unparalleled support to the knees and joints. 

The Vionic Walkers are podiatrist designed and provides support as an orthotic which means that it will relieve common complaints of bad knees, issues associated with flat feet and other pain such as heel pain.

Additionally, this shoe has received several awards and has the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association and is recognized as a shoe that will improve the wearer’s overall health. 

How does the shoe work for you?

The main reason the Vionic Walker is such a special shoe is the full-length relief orthotic foot bed, which creates support for your natural alignment through design and makes the wearing of the shoe super comfortable.

The foot bed cushions the foot and supports the arch and heel cup. Instead of having the feeling of over pronating (this is when your foot rolls inward as you move- if you over pronate, the outer edge of your heel hits the ground first, and then your foot rolls inward onto the arch.

Pronation also refers to the flattening of your feet.), you will feel supported, your body will be in alignment, and you will feel more comfortable of your feet.

The foot bed is flexible in the forefoot which has shock-absorbing sections in the front and towards the heel, softening the blow of any impact experienced on the foot.

The foot bed also has a soft top cover that has been treated with EcoFresh which maintains an odor- and bacteria-free environment for the foot. 

The upper of the foot consists of full-grain leather with mesh inserts to help with breathability and this gives flexibility to the forefoot which is counterbalanced in the heel by a having a strong plastic heel counter which keeps the foot in its place.

The Vionic Walker also has a soft padded lining which has been treated with EcoFresh to reduce odor. 

Additionally, the outsole of the Vionic Walker is made of durable rubber which provides the wearer with traction and is combined with a thermoplastic rubber shank to give the arch of the foot additional support. 

The Walker comes in medium and wide width, which is great as a lot of shoes only come in one size fitting, so you can really customize the shoe to your foot. The shoe only comes in black and is built for function as opposed to fashion. 

After buying this shoe, it is best to wear them for a few hours at a time to allow tour body to adjust to the shoe, as it will feel a bit different in comparison to other shoes that you are used to wearing. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: it’s versatility and cushioning on the foot. 

The Vionic Walker is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, hips, ankles, any back pain, osteoarthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and any tendonitis. 
  • You are on the go and like to run errands or have a passion for walking.
  • You are doing sightseeing and on your feet all day.
  • You work at a job which requires you to stand a lot of the time.


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This latest and inspired addition to the Brooks Addiction collection, is the Brooks Addiction Walker 2. It is a walking shoe with a strategic arch support for all-day comfort with an outsole which is certified for slip resistance. 

The Addiction Walker 2 has a sleek and smooth upper made from supple full-grain leather or in suede, which gives the shoe durability and style.

It also has a lace-up closure and a padded tongue and collar which adds to the cushioning around the ankle and Achilles tendon which also maximizes comfort and support on the skin. 

The shoe provides maximum support which is down to an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar which gives you support and allows you to stay in your natural stride. 

The cushioned insole is removable and has a deep heel cup that keeps your foot in place at all times to prevent over pronation of the foot. The insole also provides your arch with support. Additionally, the cushioning provides plenty of underfoot support.

The midsole features innovative technology including Hydro Flow Technology and BioMoGo DNA cushioning which means that there are gels in the midsole to enhance cushioning, shock absorption and helps to stabilize the foot.

The BioMoGo DNA is a recyclable midsole and  is designed to provide cushioning which is adaptable to comfort in motion-this means that the cushioning responds to your unique stride, gait, weight, speed and range of motion.  

It also will provide extra stability, reduce over pronation of the foot, and reduce impact on your joints. 

The outsole is a certified SATRA TM144:2011 for slip resistance and is suitable for wearing in any weather conditions-wet or dry; the shoe has amazing traction. The outsole also has a high-density carbon heel with flex grooves, maximizing the road feel and providing all day comfort. 

The shoe comes in a wide width which is great for you if you suffer from bunions, hammer toes and claw toes, as examples. The shoe also comes in either black or white color options. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: that it is extremely helpful for over pronation issues and gives you a balanced position offering maximum motion control and flexibility. 

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is suitable for you if:

  • You have over pronation issues, bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for comfortable shoes.


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With its classic style, instant comfort and versatility, the leather lace-up Keen Women’s Presidio is a structured shoe that is perfect for if you are on your feet all day or if you walk a lot. It has an easy-going style that is subtle enough to wear at work or to casual events. 

The shoe is crafted with a water-resistant, oiled leather upper featuring detailed side stitching with a generous toe box for a natural toe splay and wide oxford laces with metal eyelets that secure the foot for a customized fit.

The Women’s Presidio features a patented toe bumper, which adds extra durability to the shoe and protection for your feet. 

The inside of the shoe features a breathable mesh lining with a removable insole which is coated in Eco Anti-Odor, which functions as a natural odor control.

Additionally, it has moisture-wicking fabric which gives the wearer all day dryness, meaning extra comfort and less odor overall.

There is a lot of padding around the ankle and the sides of the foot, making the wearer feel comfortable and the foot feel cushioned. 

The insole is padded and offers a lot of support and has a removable metatomical foot bed design which is anatomically engineered to provide arch support and cradles the contours of your foot. 

The midsole is made out of EVA and offers great lightweight cushioning, and the outsole features non-marking rubber that offers an extreme amount of traction and stability on all surface types. 

If you are a sufferer of flat feet or bad knees, the Presidio offers great support and comfort to alleviate pain. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: its foot bed design and comfort even after long hours of wearing the shoe.

The Keen Women’s Presidio is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for comfortable shoes.
  • You are looking for a shoe that molds to your foot.


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The New Balance 928 Walking Shoe V3 is the epitome of comfort, stability, quality and motion control and features state-of-the-art Rollbar stability and ABZORB cushioning technologies. They are well-designed and offer support for bad knees and helps relieve the pain for Plantar Fasciitis.

It has a durable leather or suede upper and has a deep toe box which accommodates for conditions such as hammertoes and bunions or for those who need to accommodate for a thicker orthotic.

The shoe is built on top of an SL-2 last and gives extra room in the toe box as well. The SL-2 also will accommodate your heel and reduce slipping in the heel. The shoe also features a lightning dry liner which will control moisture and maximize comfort. 

The V3 has a good stack height at the back and drops off nicely in the forefoot. Stack height refers to the amount of material between the foot and the ground and a shoe that has more cushioning, like this one, will have a higher stack height. 

It has a rocker bottom sole, which is a feature which maximizes flexibility in the foot and facilitates easy transition from heel to toe, giving balance to the foot and so that all pressure on the foot is even. 

The roll bar technology is a dual support system which stops over pronation and supination (supination is the rolling outward of the foot) of the foot. The rear foot is stabilized while the walking motion is kept steady and consistent.

Along with the Rollbar technology, the ABZORB cushioning offers comfort and extra support.

Additionally, the New Balance 928 Walking Shoe V3 features Strike Path which is a unique tread pattern which guides your foot into natural motion which supports the foot and accommodates orthotics with ease. 

If you suffer from arthritis and other foot issues or if you stand or walk a lot, this shoe is for you. 

It is available in many sizes and widths and comes in both Velcro and lace-up options.

When trying out this shoe, we loved: its innovative technologies for a comfortable and stable walking shoe that provides relief for a range of foot related issues.  

The New Balance 928 Walking Shoe V3 is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a shoe that you can wear all day long. 
  • You are looking for an advanced and innovative shoe.


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An upgrade to their original Devotion Plus, this colorful walking shoe features the technology designed to support your every step- whether you are walking the dog or power walking to get to your 10,000 steps. 

The shoe has a classic design but with certain updates making the upper more comfortable, feminine and stylish. It is designed to accommodate the last of a woman’s foot; a more narrow heel and wider toe box.

The Devotion Plus 2 offers lace-up closure making the shoe fit snug and has a padded tongue and collar giving your foot extra comfort. 

The upper consists of a breathable mesh and features seamless and supportive synthetic overlays with a round toe. These overlays are extremely lightweight and give your foot structural support around your foot

The inside has smooth lining and an Anatomical Precise-Return foot bed on its insole, which is removable to fit in a custom-built orthotic if you need it.

The inside also has a firm piece of foam around the arch, and the heel of the foot bed is deep and cups around your heel. This deep heel cup is important as women, in general, have wider hips than men and so this will give extra support around your heel. 

The EVA midsole has two layers of Ryka’s RE-ZORB active foam which is responsive to your movement and molds to your foot, giving the foot full heel to toe cushioning and shock absorption.

The foam is quite rigid and doesn’t bottom out, meaning that you will get extra support and any bad knees, hip and lower back pain will be reduced almost immediately.

The outsole is made out of an eight-piece radurized skeletal rubber and has an external pod network which helps with extra shock absorption and works simultaneously with the midsole technology to give you all day comfort and support. 

The shoes come in wide and medium widths and a whole range of colors from Medieval Blue to Plum Red. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: its stylish design and the RE-ZORB foam. 

The Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are pregnant and looking for extra support.
  • You are looking for an advanced and innovative shoe.


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The Squad SR is a comfortable walking shoe that offers protection, slip and electrical resistance whilst boasting a memory foam insole and relaxed fit overall.

It is great for people with bad knees and come back from working all day on their feet. It is a sporty-casual shoe which is suitable as a comfortable slip-on sneaker for work. 

This best-selling shoe has a soft mesh and synthetic upper. The synthetic overlays are featured all over the foot-on the toe and heel and additionally at the laces for extra durability.

The upper is a great fit and is not too narrow and does not pinch on your foot at all making room for those of you who have conditions that need room to accommodate them such as bunions. 

The inside of the shoe has a soft fabric lining that is cleverly combined with memory foam cushioning that molds to your foot, providing you with unique comfort and support depending on your foot shape and width. 

Although the shoes are lace-ups, they also feature a slip-on functionality, which means that you will not have to worry about tying and untying your shoes every time thanks to the convenient pull tab at the back of the shoe. 

The midsole of the Squad SR is lightweight and offers you flexibility and reliable shock absorption, making the shoe an excellent choice for standing on your feet all day long. 

The outsole is made from a durable and robust rubber that offers exceptional traction on wet and oily surface conditions.

When trying out this shoe, we loved: that it is slip resistant and offers protection from electrics. The addition of memory foam is invaluable and adds an extra layer of comfort to the wearer of the shoe.

The Skechers Work Squad SR is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are working all day on your feet in environments that require protection from the elements.
  • You are looking for an easy to put on shoe


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Another outstanding shoe from New Balance is the New Balance 813v1 Walking Shoe, offers a smooth walking experience every time they are on your feet. It has motion control technology, supportive cushioning and is finished off with a supple leather upper. 

The upper is super cool and stretchy which contours your foot and will accommodate most foot types. It has a lace-up closure which secures your foot and a padded collar and tongue for extra support.

The inside of the shoe has a soft fabric, Cardio Comfort cushioned foot bed lining which is removable and lightweight, offering the wearer a lot of comfort and support. 

The midsole features the lightweight AB-ZORB Active Foam, which is lightweight and offers a lot of comfort and shock absorption for the wearer.

The outsole features a durable rubber with deep flex grooves for improved stability and flexibility on the foot. The grooving is a great assistant to reduce knee pain and provide optimal walking performance.

When trying out this shoe, we loved: the extra comfort provided from the AB-ZORB Active Foam and the cardio comfort foot bed. 

The New Balance 813v1 Walking Shoe is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a padded, comfortable shoe.


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Perfect for the globe-trotters out there, the Rockport World Tour Classic provides unrivaled support and comfort no matter how long you wear it for.

It features their exclusive Walking Platform Construction, which provides the wearer a wide support base for your heel and gives your forefoot excellent flexibility.

The shoe features a traditional lace-up design and has exposed stitching throughout the shoe giving it more durability and the full-grain leather it is made from will conform to your foot over time resulting in a customized and comfortable fit.

The weather also makes the shoe very easy to clean and durable. The tongue and collar are padded, which protects your foot from excessive rubbing, preventing blisters. Additionally, the shoe features an Achilles notch for extra comfort. 

The insole is removable and is made from breathable polyurethane cushioning which absorbs moisture and is resistant to odor.

The midsole is made from EVA and is very thick and is the length of the shoe, which provides lightweight shock absorption to reduce foot and leg fatigue. 

The rubber outsole has a tread pattern and flex grooves, which ensures that you have a durable grip and added flexibility all day long. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: the extra comfort provided from the AB-ZORB Active Foam and the cardio comfort foot bed. 

The Rockport World Tour Classic is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a walking shoe suitable for hours of walking.
  • You are looking for a lightweight shoe.


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The Stability Walker is one of Propet’s most popular walking shoe. It was designed with a wide forefoot and heel base to increase stability. It is built to last with perforations on leather for added breathability and comes in a wide range of colors and width choices. 

The upper is made from either full-grain perforated leather or nubuck with a brushed nylon lining with as speed lacing closure system and padded collar and tongue for extra cushioning and support. 

The foot bed is made from Polyurethane, which is removable and allows you to replace the insole with a custom orthotic if the need arises.

The interior is cushioned really well and has a lightweight midsole which is made from EVA that has an in-built gel in the heel area for added comfort in the shoe. 

The entire shoe is made for absorbing shock and gives you a smooth transition movement from heel to toe.  The Stability Walker has added arch support and gives the wearer tons of stability and a smoother gait on longer walks.

The outsole is made from a sticky rubber which has a wide platform and arch bridge which offers texture and plenty of flexibility and underfoot support as well as lots of traction and slip resistance on a myriad of surfaces. 

It is a well-designed and comfortable shoe which offers stability and support like no other. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: the wide forefoot and the range of color and material options.

The Rockport World Tour Classic is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a stable walking shoe that is lightweight on the foot. 
  • You need extra arch support.


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If you are in the market for a lightweight, breathable and stylish walking shoe that provides a secure fit and that provides up to 8 hours of comfort. 

Walking and running shoes normally create shock waves that run up your feet into your knees and hips, which forces your body to absorb the harmful impact from every step.

The Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoe combines the VersoShock patented technology which has been clinically proven to relieve pain in the knees up to 85%.

The VersoShock absorbs these harmful shock waves and therefore eliminates any fatigue on the feet. 

The toe box has a lot of extra room for comfort and improved blood circulation. The front rolling design also reduces foot stress. It has removable insoles which can accommodate custom orthotic support.

The shoe has a durable and breathable mesh which provides ventilation to the foot and increased flexibility. 

The shoes come in a variety of size and width options, and comes in a variety of different color options to suit your preferences. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: the wide forefoot and the range of color and material options.

The Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoe is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a shoe that absorbs shock waves and eliminates pain.


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Like all of Ryka’s shoes, they are designed to fit a woman’s foot. It is an innovative update to their original Dash shoe construction and is super lightweight. 

It features a lightweight and breathable open mesh with supportive synthetic and leather overlays for excellent upper stability and ventilation at the same time.

They also have lace-up closures which give you a secure and adjustable fit and features a back pull tab for an easy on and off slip on effect. 

It has a padded tongue and collar as well as a lined interior with their Anatomical Precise-Return insole with extra arch and heel support which molds to your foot. The cushioned foot bed is removable for you to add in additional orthotics. 

The midsole is a full-length, compression molded shock absorbing EVA midsole which accompanies a molded and padded heel counter.

The outsole is made from durable rubber for traction on a variety of surfaces and gives you extra stability and flexibility on the foot.

The shoe comes in a variety of colors and widths to suit your needs. Examples of the colors include Nimbus Grey Leather, Black Leather, Charcoal/Grey Leather and Navy Blue Leather. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: the fit and the breathability of the shoes, as well as the variety of color options that the shoes come in. 

The Ryka Dash Pro is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a shoe that is breathable and lightweight.
  • Are looking for a shoe suitable for high-performance walking or fitness walking.


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The Ghost was first introduced in 2008 which was created to be a go-to neutral shoe for runners. It achieved its name from the director of product management was known to do workouts at night and so the shoe was nicknamed “the Ghost” 

As their first carbon-neutral shoe, the Ghost 14 continues to be one of the most popular and loved shoes from Brooks and takes advantage of Brooks’ advanced cushioning technology giving a soft and smooth shoe. The shoes are best for soft landings, everyday runs and road running. 

The Ghost 14’s upper is made out of a minimum of 30% recycled materials and boasts reduced manufacturing wastes which has resulted in a reduction in 1,908.447 kg CO2 equivalents.

It has 3D-printed mesh and allows for almost zero stitching on their upper and allows for an improved fit by balancing stretch and structure of  the shoe to adjust to fit comfortably on the foot. 

The underfoot consists of an updated midsole which is 100% DNA LOFT cushioning for a soft and smooth wear. DNA LOFT is a soft cushioning which is durable but doesn’t feel too soft on the foot, which molds to your unique stride and gait.

They also boast a Segmented Crash Pad, which means that no matter how the foot strikes the ground, smooth transitions are ensured to maintain comfort.  

The shoe comes in a wide variety of colors-up to 18 for women and 10 for men, as well as width variations to choose from.

When trying out this shoe, we loved: the fit and the breathability of the shoes, as well as the variety of color options that the shoes come in. 

The Brooks Ghost 14  is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a carbon-neutral shoe that is good for the planet.
  • Are looking for a shoe that adapts to the wearers foot and gait.


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The Sky Walk version 2 is Ryka’s number one selling shoe, which is an improved and breathable update to their original shoe. It is an extremely lightweight lace-up shoe and comes in a variety of colors. 

The upper is made of breathable mesh and has leather accents with their Flex Gear overlays. These overlays are fused rather than stitched, giving the shoe a lot more durability and strength.

The overlays also add to the look of the shoe, resulting in a sleek design. The lace-up design is fully functional and provide the wearer with an exact and snug fit to suit your foot. 

The Ryka’s shoes are molded to fit a woman’s narrow heel and wide toe box. Most women need extra support and structure right underneath their arches because of flatter feet and wider hip-to-feet ratio.

The back of the shoe is well-fitted and structured, preventing blisters and friction. The Sky Walk 2 provides a large amount of flexibility on the ball of your foot, protecting your foot from pain and gives your foot room if your feet tend to swell. 

The Sky Walk 2 has a removable anatomical insole with extra arch support and is made out of memory foam. The Sky Walk 2 has a deep heel cup which prevents sliding back of the foot and proper alignment in the heel cup.

The midsole is padded with extra EVA, especially in the forefoot area. The midsole also boasts a support shank in the arch. More EVA also means that the shoe is able to absorb more shock and give  you more cushioning from heel to toe. 

The shoes have Skeletal Guidance System for lightweight support underneath the arch and mid-foot. Thus, providing the support you need.

The Skeletal Guidance System has designed the shank to protect the feet, knees, muscles and ligaments from impact and fatigue. 

The upper is soft and less restrictive than the original which means if you suffer from a condition which means you require more space, such as bunions, will give you more space for your feet to splay out.

The shoes come in a variety of colors and is suitable for high performance walking, and the full rubber outsole improves traction and durability of the shoe.

When trying out this shoe, we loved: the extra shank support and the flexibility on the foot. 

RYKA Women’s Sky Walk Version 2  is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a shoe with deep heel cups.
  • Are looking for a shoe that has a lot of shank support.


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The GoWalk  out by being a simple slip-on and easy answer to the comfort of a sneaker or a trainer, in the style of a loafer. They are lighter than an iPhone and has a flexible upper construction with the upper made out of textile, canvas and mesh materials. 

The design has plenty of detail and stitching and has an easy to pull off and put on loop at the back. The mesh on the upper is breathable and athletic as well. 

The GoWalk has an outsole that is almost like puffed air and feels as if you are wearing a sock on the outside of the shoe.

The shoe features the famous insole of Goga Mat technology, which feels like a yoga mat on the foot- it is a squishy pad that provides a high amount of spongy cushioning. It also provides extra breathability and flexibility to the foot. 

The insole also has an Ortholite comfort foam layer which adds long-term cushioning.  

The outsole is made out of durable rubber with dual density traction which also features Comfort Pillar Technology for added support, shock absorbency, more cushion and bounce for when you are walking. 

The shoes are also machine washable and have a heel panel with Quick-Fit portal. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: that they are machine washable and are the ultimate comfort and cushion for your foot. 

Skechers Performance Go Walk  is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a comfortable and durable shoe.


[amazon fields=”B006261TYW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Crafted with a genuine smooth full-grain leather upper that is durable and easy to maintain. It has a sturdy construction and has a traditional lace-up design. 

The M7100 Prowalker has a padded tongue and collar to prevent bruising and blistering for continuous comfort and has its unique Walking Platform Construction which provides a wide base of support for heel and forefoot flexibility. 

The insole is cushioned and is removable, which is odor and fungus resistant and also keeps the moisture away from your feet. The rubber on the outsole is very stick and durable, which provides durability and traction on a wide variety of surfaces. 

When trying out this shoe, we loved: their comfort levels and amount of grip provided on a variety of surfaces. 

Rockport Men’s M7100 Prowalker is suitable for you if:

  • You have bad knees, knee replacements, hip and lower back pain, arthritis, flat feet, heel spurs and high arches or wide feet. 
  • You are looking for a shoe that can be worn on a variety of occasions and on surfaces.

Effects of Standing All Day

Just about everyone has been warned about sitting at a desk job all day long and how bad the lack of movement is. While this is true, studies have shown that standing all day for your nine-to-five job is just as bad, if not worse, than sitting. 

In truth, most of the global workforce spends their day on their feet and not on their rear end - think about all the people in manufacturing, food service industry, retail and agriculture, who are on their feet for hours on end - are more at risk to dire health-related complications. 

16 Best Walking Shoes For Bad Knees and OA Pain & Standing All Day

Standing for too long can cause a myriad of uncomfortable issues such as prolonged lower-limb muscle fatigue resulting in long term back pain and musculoskeletal problems.

This is because keeping the body in an upright position for extended periods requires a considerable amount of muscular effort. 

Standing reduces blood supply to the loaded muscles (feet, legs, back and neck) resulting in inflammation of the veins (varicose veins) and causes locking or pain in the joints such as knees and eventually degenerative damage to tendons and ligaments or can lead to rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Additionally, the arrangement of the work area and the type of work done also has an effect on the body. As a result, the worker may have additional restrictions on their movement and so fewer opportunities to alternate between positions and muscles used.

This lack of flexibility has detrimental effects on the musculoskeletal system and in particular areas of the joints like knees, hips and spine. 

Bad Knees

“Bad knees” is a term used to describe chronically painful knees, which is a common complaint amongst people regardless of their age or gender.

They may be as a result of sport injuries, medical conditions, obesity or holding an occupation that puts a repetitive strain on the knee joints such as construction work or farming. Knee pain can also be a result of hip of foot pain.

Any alteration in the way you walk or stand will have an impact on your knees. If this is repetitive, then you may experience knee pain.

Knee pain may also be a result of arthritis (including osteoarthritis, but this will be covered in more detail later), and includes conditions such as gout and pseudogout. 

Some injuries that impact the knee and can result in knee pain even after a long period of time after the injury.

Examples of injuries include an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury where a tear occurs in your ligaments connecting your shinbone to thighbone; fractures in the bones of the knee from accidents or falls; a torn meniscus which is the cartilage between the shinbone and thighbone and tendinitis around the tendons in the legs. 

Other mechanical problems such as a dislocated kneecap, loose body (the degeneration of bone or cartilage resulting in a piece of bone or cartilage breaking off into the joint space) and iliotibial band syndrome which occurs from it tightening as a result of long distance running or cycling. 

If you are carrying around excess weight from being obese and having a poor diet, the extra weight can put more strain on your knee joints and could result in pain doing even the simplest tasks such as walking and going up and down stairs.

Other risk factors include lack of muscle flexibility and strength. Strong muscles around your joints can help stabilize and protect your joints, and having more flexibility can improve your range of motion and decrease your risk of injury. 

Symptoms of having pain in your knees includes swelling, stiffness, weakness or instability, inability to fully straighten the knee as well as popping or crunching noises when you bend your knee and straighten it again. 


Affecting millions of people worldwide, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of bones disintegrates over time. It is a disease that impacts and can damage any joint, specifically your hands, hips, spine and knees.

The symptoms develop slowly and worsen over a long period of time and can include pain, stiffness in the joints along with a loss of flexibility and grating sensation which is when you hear a popping or crackling sound in the joint.

It also can bring about bone spurs, which are hard lumps and can form in the affected joint. 

Osteoarthritis can be caused by several risk factors including age, sex (women are more prone to develop osteoarthritis, although it is not known why), obesity, repeated stress on the joint, genetics and injuries.

Prevention and Treatment

All of the above can be avoided by including a few simple changes into your lifestyle. This includes incorporating more gentle exercise such as walking, wearing the correct footwear and having good workplace design which will ensure a balance between sitting and standing for long periods of time. 

The Last Note

Depending on your needs, all of these shoes included in the list above will be suitable for reducing pain experienced from bad knees or osteoarthritis.

They also are all comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of times and when doing non-variable, standing work. 

Emily Winters