Best Hiking Sandals For Women

Hiking in the summertime is a wonderful activity to do. It clears the mind, is an excellent workout, and is a great way to explore the natural beauty around you. However, hiking in the summer also comes with difficulties. 

In particular, heavy hiking boots or shoes can be a bit of a nightmare in the summer. They are often heavy and made from thick material. Although this is good in terms of support, this can just be a little too much during the summer months! 

If you’re tired of sweaty feet on your summer hikes, check out our list of the best hiking sandals for women. Each pair of sandals has been hand-selected according to their durability, comfortability, style, and support. 

We’ve also put together a handy buyers’ guide. This includes a list of things that you should consider before spending your hard-earned money on a pair of hiking sandals. The last thing you want is to splash out, only to find they aren’t suitable for your hobbies. 

Take a look below!

Best Hiking Sandals for Women for Summer Adventures


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The Xero Shoes Z-Train EV Sandals have to be at the top of our list. If you’re looking for a reliable pair of hiking sandals that are versatile, waterproof, and that offer moderate support, these are a great option. 

These sandals are up to 76% lighter and more streamlined than other hiking sandals - but they still manage to provide a comparable level of support! The zero-drop non-elevated heel is great to support natural posture as you are hiking. 

Thanks to the waterproof material and rubber sole, these sandals can be used for a variety of different activities. For instance, they can be worn whilst hiking, walking, working out, rafting, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and even fly fishing! 

When we tried these sandals, we really loved how lightweight they were. It almost felt as if you had no shoes on! We also very much appreciated that the brand also provides a 5000-mile warranty and an extensive guide on how to find your perfect size. 


  • Rubber sole - waterproof and lightweight. 
  • 76% lighter than others - means they are very easy to wear. 
  • 5000-mile warranty - means you can return the sandals if they break within this period of time.


  • Support - not as supportive as others on this list. 


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If you’re looking for a pair of sandals that are sure to offer you security and comfort whilst on many different types of outdoor adventures, look no further than the Keen Whisper Sandal. These are a great option for anyone in need of a bit of extra support and grip. 

These sandals are quite appropriate for fairly challenging hikes. Their non-marking rubber outsole was constructed to provide steady grip and stability, and their classic KEEN toe bumper serves to provide extra protection from tricky terrain. 

The Keen Whisper Sandals are also perfect for water-based activities. Their soles offer a fantastic level of grip, providing you with a super safe level of support! In addition to being hardy and supportive, they are also very comfortable! 

When we tried the Keen Whisper Sandal, we were taken aback by the level of support they offered. In particular, the toe bumper made them feel super protective when unexpectedly having to battle a bit of rough terrain! 


  • Non-marking rubber outsole - provides extra stability. 
  • Gripping soles - make them perfect for water-based activities. 
  • Toe-bumper - provides more protection in rough terrains or on long excursions.


  • No warranty - if they break there is no set procedure in place for a replacement or repair. 


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If comfort is your primary concern, the Teva Tirra Fi 5 Universal Sandals are perfect for you. These sandals allow you to walk and hike for hours on end without getting blistered or sweaty feet. 

In particular, it is the straps of these hiking sandals that make them super comfortable. Of all the sandals on this list, these straps are the most gentle and soft on the feet, without sacrificing stability or durability at all! 

They have a rubber sole and a moulded PU midsole. These provide a huge amount of support and work to cushion each step for miles and miles, even if you are lugging a really heavy backpack! 

When walking in these sandals, we really appreciated the three points of adjustment, placed on the heel, toe, and ankle. This made getting a secure and appropriate fit super easy. We also found that they gripped incredibly well, and prevented a few slips from occurring! 


  • Comfortable straps - means they can be worn for a long time. 
  • Rubber sole - can be worn in wet and dry environments.
  • Moulded PU midsole - provides an unbeatable amount of comfort. 
  • Three points of adjustment - ensures excellent support.


  • Price - not very budget-friendly. 


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The ECCO Yucatan Outdoor Sandals are ideal for anyone looking for a sturdy, comfortable pair of sports sandals suitable for travelling, hiking on rough terrain, and everyday wear. They also come in a few different colors! 

ECCO is a trusted company and their Yucatan sandals are some of the best available. They are a particularly solid pair of shoes that have been constructed to be able to handle difficult terrains and environmental factors. 

Although, they remain to be incredibly flexible and easy to wear. Their four straps provide excellent arch support, and they feel very soft and comfortable on the skin. Further, there are several points of adjustment on these sandals, so it’s easy to get the perfect fit!

We loved how we were able to wear these sandals on a tricky hike, and then put them on the next day to pop to the shops! They really are the most versatile pair of sandals out there. However, they were a bit heavier than the others on this list. 


  • Solid construction - great for all kinds of terrain, environments, and uses. 
  • Flexible - make them comfortable and useful in different situations. 
  • Soft straps - mean they are comfortable and easy on the skin. 
  • Four straps - excellent arch support.


  • Weight - these are heavier and bulkier than others on this list. 


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If you are an adventurer and fashion enthusiast, it’s likely that you’ve found the hunt for stylish hiking gear quite frustrating. However, the Teva Tirra Sandals might solve your issues! They come in so many different colors that there is definitely something for everyone. 

Rather than being clunky, these sandals are quite streamlined. As such, they have a slightly less sporty look, which is perfect for people also looking to wear their hiking sandals for day-to-day activities. 

However, the saying ‘all style, no substance’ definitely doesn’t apply to these shoes. Thanks to their rubber sole, rubber outsole, molded EVA midsole with heel cupping and arch support, and their quick-dry webbing, they also offer great support, comfort, and durability! 

We just love how these hiking sandals are stylish but not at the cost of comfort, support, and safety! We think these sandals are a great option for people looking for festival wear, as they’ll ensure your arch is supported all day and all night! 


  • Many color options - great for fashion-conscious wearers. 
  • Streamlined shape - means they are far less bulky than other options. 
  • Molded EVA midsole with heel cupping and arch support - provide excellent support and comfort for extended periods of time.


  • Straps - may cause some rubbing before they soften. 


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If you’re tired of the arduous process of breaking in hiking shoes and are desperate to find a pair of sandals that you can throw on without worrying about excruciating blisters or rubbing, the Clarks Wave Grip Strap Sandals might solve all of your problems. 

Using WAVEWALK technology, these sandals provide an unbeatably comfortable walking experience. In particular, the thick and supportive rubber sole offers a great amount of traction and durability, even in tricky terrains. 

Despite their strength, they also manage to be very lightweight! In fact, the lightweight EVA midsole ensures a high level of comfort. In addition to having a very comfortable lining, the wide straps also provide an immense amount of support around the ankle area. 

We particularly like the stability offered by the wide and adjustable straps. They made us feel very safe and comfortable regardless of the terrain, and their hook and loop closure is very easy to use. Also, we experienced very little discomfort from rubbing or blisters! 


  • WAVEWALK technology - provides extra comfort. 
  • Thick rubber sole - means they are durable and are supportive in a variety of environments. 
  • Wide lined straps - make for a very comfortable and supportive shoe. 
  • Hook and loop closures - easy to use and great for adjusting the sandals to your own feet.


  • Color - no color options available. 


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If you’re simply looking for a lightweight pair of hiking sandals that are comfortable, durable, and will support you well, the Chaco Z1 Classic Sandals are ideal. They are the perfect all-rounders, and won’t break the bank either!

The best thing about these sandals is how adjustable they are. The ankle strap is very easy to adjust and is sure to remain in place for your whole hike. They also happen to be quite comfortable on first use!

They have a rubber sole, a lightweight PU midsole, and a non-marking outside. As such, despite their sleek and minimal appearance, they are particularly supportive and ridiculously durable. There are also many different colors and patterns to choose from!

We just loved the simplicity of the design of these sandals. They looked sleek, a little sporty, and streamlined, whilst also giving us a crazy amount of support! In fact, we were surprised by how well they held up when the weather turned and the terrain became a little tricky!


  • Adjustable strap - gives a lot of support and is easy to use. 
  • Rubber sole - can be worn in a number of different environments. 
  • Lightweight PU midsole - makes them comfortable and very light to wear.
  • Color options - there should be something for everyone! 


  • Straps - when walking in wet or sandy terrains, the straps can cause some blisters.


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If strappy sandals are your thing, check out the Northside Covina Women’s Sandals. Coming in a few different funky patterns, these are a great option for anyone looking for both support and fun in their clothing!

Don’t let the minimalist style of these sandals fool you, they are a very comfortable and quite supportive choice! The rubber sole is particularly durable, thanks to the EVA material. They are also cushioned well and have great moisture-wicking technology.

The textured nylon straps are designed in a criss-cross pattern. This ensures that the straps are very unlikely to cut into your feet, and as such, helps you avoid painful rubbing or blisters whilst you’re adventuring!

We really liked how lightweight these sandals are. Considering their seemingly thin sole, it was also very surprising to feel as comfortable and supported as we did! Although, they probably aren’t the best choice for an intense hike. 


  • Multiple colors and patterns - there's something for everyone. 
  • EVA rubber sole - great for durability. 
  • Cushioned - make them very comfortable. 
  • Criss-cross nylon straps - are unlikely to cause discomfort. 


  • Very lightweight - not ideal for larger hikes on rougher terrains. 


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If you’re concerned about the quality of hiking sandals, we recommend buying from a reputable brand such as Merrell! It has a great history of providing excellent quality sandals, and these Terran Lattice Sandals are no different. 

These shoes have been designed specifically for active hikers. Their thin straps, buckle closure, and lightweight nature makes them very easy to take on and off! As such, they’re perfect for hikers who are always on the go. 

Despite the straps being thin, these sandals are also incredibly comfortable. They are 100% nubuck leather and have an air cushion in the heel that absorbs shock and adds stability. They manage to be both delicately stylish and very practical! 

We really enjoyed wearing these sandals on a day full of adventure. When necessary, they were easy to take off and put back on, and they also looked very stylish when we went out for dinner afterward!


  • Thin straps - stylish and practical. 
  • Buckle closure - makes it easy to adjust the straps and take the sandals on and off. 
  • Air cushion heels - make them very comfortable. 


  • Lightweight - might not hold up on more strenuous trails and rough terrains. 


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Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the Keen Women’s Clearwater Sandals. If you are a hiker who loves a bit of extra protection, safety, and comfort, these sandals will be ideal for you!

In particular, if you’re a fan of water-based activities, these sandals will do well to keep you feeling stable. They are waterproof, flexible, have great grip, and their closed-toe style is sure to protect your toes from anything pointy! 

Despite their great strength and durability, these shoes are also very lightweight! Their PU midsole is very lightweight and has additional contoured arch support. This makes them great for anyone in need of a particularly supportive sandal. 

I really loved using these sandals on water-based adventures. They held up incredibly well when walking on wet ground and through rivers. Their closed-toe design also filled me with confidence! 


  • Closed-toe style - provides extra protection. 
  • Contoured PU midsole - provides comfort whilst being very lightweight. 
  • Tie-up closure - easy and very secure.


  • Price - these are less budget-friendly than others on the list. 

Best Hiking Sandals for Women for Summer Adventures Buying Guide

To give you confidence in the process of purchasing hiking sandals, we’ve put together a handy buyers’ guide. It includes everything you should consider before purchasing to ensure that you’re spending your hard-earned cash in exactly the right way! Check it out below.

Best Hiking Sandals for Women for Summer Adventures

Comfort and Fit

The most important things to consider are your comfortability and the fit of the shoe. Before spending your hard-earned cash on a pair of hiking sandals, it’s important to figure out what works best for your feet. 

Do you require extra arch support? Are your feet particularly narrow? Do your feet swell a lot in heat? Do you need adjustable sandals? Do you have flat feet? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when looking for the perfect pair of shoes. 

If you’re in doubt of whether or not a pair of shoes are suitable for you, we recommend purchasing a pair of shoes that have a warranty, money-back guarantee, or good returns policy. This way, if you find they aren’t suitable, you can get your money back. 

On the other hand, if you would prefer to receive expert advice, try going to a store that specializes in hiking gear. The customer assistants at these stores are specially trained to be able to answer all of your queries and help you with your purchase. 


Whether you’re a keen hiker or new to the activity, you’re likely aware of the high cost of gear. However, it’s important to note that the cost is generally so high because these products keep you safe as you embark on big adventures. 

Hiking shoes, in particular, are very important. They are constructed to help you remain balanced and stable on rough and inclined terrain, aid in keeping you cool, and provide maximum comfort so that you can explore as much as you desire! 

As such, you should be prepared to spend a decent amount of money on hiking shoes. However, that isn’t to say that all of them are unreasonably priced. We’ve included some more budget-friendly options in the list above, check them out!


Hiking sandals come in many different designs. It’s important to be aware of these differences, as your feet might be better suited to one style over another. 

Generally, the best hiking sandals will be sturdy, comfortable, and adjustable, so that your feet are secure, supported, and free from painful blisters. 

For women’s hiking sandals, the main types of designs are: 

1. Z-style strapped sandals. 

2. Sandals with toe loops. 

3. Flip-flop style sandals. 

4. Closed-toe sandals. 

If you’re in need of extra support or you’re planning a long and arduous hike, I’d suggest staying away from flip-flop style sandals and toe-loop sandals. Similarly, if you plan on hiking on rough terrain, you might want to opt for a closed-toe design to protect your feet. 


Hiking is a hard activity. In addition to pulling your own bodyweight along, you are also carrying the weight of your rucksack, clothing, and shoes! As such, the last thing you want is a particularly heavy pair of hiking sandals. 

Generally, the lighter the hiking sandal the better. We tend to opt for ultra-lightweight options, as these are usually less than 1 lb per pair. Heavier shoes can weigh as much as 2 lbs per pair. 

However, it’s important to be sure that the lightness of your sandals hasn’t come at the cost of durability and strength. Make sure that the shoes still feel well-made - take a look at the materials used to be sure! 

Materials and Durability

Durability is likely one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing hiking sandals. They need to be able to withstand difficult weather conditions, tricky terrain, and being worn for long periods of time - over and over again! 

If you’re dubious about the durability of a pair of hiking sandals, it's always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s warranty policy. If they provide replacements or repairs for at least one year after purchase, this tends to mean that they have confidence in their product. 

It’s also important to make sure that the materials used in the construction of hiking sandals are waterproof. Even if you don’t plan on wearing them in wet environments or rainy weather, you can never account for these instances completely! As such, look for quick-drying sandals with rubber soles and synthetic uppers. 

Environment and Usage

Finally, it is necessary to consider where, how often, and under what circumstances you’re planning to use your hiking sandals. 

If you plan on using them extensively and on many different types of terrain, it's probably best to opt for a particularly strong, durable pair of sandals. If you’re going to be walking on very rough terrain in less than optimal weather conditions, we recommend buying a pair of hiking boots instead. These will offer far more support than sandals on this occasion. 

On the other hand, if you simply want them for light walks throughout the summer, you may as well save some money and go with a more budget-friendly pair that aren’t built to handle adverse conditions. On this occasion, you can opt for any type of sandals, including a flip-flop style. 

Similarly, if you are going to be walking in heavy gear, a pair of hiking shoes or boots might be better than sandals. If you’re carrying a heavy bag, generally you need a pair of heavy shoes to give you the proper support. However, if you’re only hiking with a light backpack, hiking sandals will be just fine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hiking sandals for flat feet?

Hiking with flat feet can be a little tricky. Individuals with flat feet don’t have much of an arch or an arch at all. This can affect balance and stability significantly. 

However, a good hiking shoe can make up for this difficulty. If you have flat feet, you will need a high-quality, flexible hiking sandal with a cushioned heel. You will also need to feel as if the insole, outsole, and midsole are offering you a lot of support and stability. 

It is also necessary to ensure that your hiking shoe fits you very well, both in length and width, and also has a lot of traction. If they don’t fit you well or have decent traction, you are likely to cause yourself an injury whilst hiking. We recommend going to an outdoor store for advice if you are unsure. 

Which hiking shoe has the best arch support?

If you are in need of a hiking shoe that has good arch support, the most important thing is to keep an eye out for good insoles and ankle support. Look specifically for shoes with a very padded insole and good straps around the ankle area or a heel cup. 

Also, keep an eye out for adjustable sandals. If you are able to tighten them significantly, this may improve the extent to which they support your arch. If you’d prefer, you can always look to purchase a pair of extra insoles to use whilst wearing your sandals for extra support. 

Finally, although it seems very obvious, it is necessary to be sure that your sandals fit you perfectly before you use them. If your boots are too wide, your toes will shift whilst hiking.

If they’re too narrow, your toes will get cramped. Either of these situations might cause damage and affect the extent to which your arch is supported. 

Are hiking sandals worth it?

In short, yes! 

Wearing shoes built for hiking is a necessity. They are constructed to be breathable, provide ample support on rough terrain, and generally aid in keeping you balanced and stable. 

Hiking sandals are no different. In the summertime, hiking whilst wearing boots or shoes can be quite uncomfortable. Wearing hiking sandals is a way to avoid sweating through your socks whilst also being provided with similar levels of comfort and support. 

Are hiking shoes good for work?

As long as your work permits more casual shoes, then absolutely!

In fact, hiking shoes, boots, and sandals are some of the most versatile shoes out there. Whether you want to be comfortable on your commute to work, desire support as you explore a city, or fancy trying to climb a mountain, hiking shoes are perfect! 

Can you wear hiking sandals on rough terrain?

Whilst some hiking sandals are built to be able to provide support on less than optimal terrains if you’re planning on some intense hikes, it’s probably a good idea to purchase a pair of hiking shoes or boots instead. 

Hiking shoes and boots provide a lot more support than sandals, particularly around the ankle area. They are also heavier, which is useful if you’re lugging some super heavy gear around with you. 

Emily Winters